Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Personalized Ornaments

Two years ago I got the idea while browsing Michael's Arts and Crafts to make my own ornaments.  I have found that typically in December they put their Christmas crafts and decorations on sale for 50% off as well.  I use the clear glass balls and fill them with items or super glue objects to the outside.  I recycle ribbon from gifts to hang the balls on my tree as well.  They make great Christmas gifts and I even gave one to my friend who got married this year in December.
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I wish I had photographed hers because it really was special, I took two of the mushroom doves and glued them together.  Then I tied white sewing thread to their wings and tied it to the metal top of the ornament and carefully put them inside the ball with white glitter inside.  Then I just took a silver Sharpie and wrote their names and their wedding date on it.  After the wedding I asked her to decide what was the precise moment that her and her husband knew they were married and I will write that around the ball as well.
I have given a few away to my sister-in-laws and my husband's mother and my mother as well.  It is nice to go to their homes and see my ornaments displayed on their trees.  I have also kept five of the ones I made to go on my tree the first year I did this.

The holly in this came from a centerpiece I received the previous year.

A feather boa I no longer wished to wear

Another feather boa from a Halloween costume

Snowflake party decorations supplied this snow inspired ornament

Gold-leaf and a ribbon from a gift.
This one always makes me think of the Sound of Music
So this year I received a Hallmark Ornament for Little Man's first Christmas, it is a kit by Crayola to use his hand print to personalize the ornament.  I don't want to waste the paint so I am going to make my own handprint ornament on the glass ball with him as well.  I hope I can get at least two, one for each grandmother.
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Note: The stock images used here are in case I don't get to finish what I started today.  Motherhood- the art of pre-planning and re-planning.

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