Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Mamas Musts: Inspired by Finn Teething Necklace

I chose the 15" length so that Little Man could wear it longer.

A few weeks ago I had written a post with my alternative solutions for a teething baby.  In that article I mentioned baltic amber necklaces but as of then had not used one for Little Man.  After the positive responses I had gotten from that article and the feedback from other moms who use the baltic amber, I had to try for myself.  I mean if I can prevent his teething discomfort instead of soothing it after the fact with my other methods - I'm all for it.
I visited Inspired by Finn to get a teething necklace for Little Man.  What I liked about their necklaces was the selection and the various patterns.  There were many different options for styles and lengths.  Their site has recommendations for styles that would look good on boys - a must if I was going to be able to convince my hubby to put a necklace on his boy.

I was also impressed by the information that I found about baltic amber and its healing properties.  I already knew that amber was fossilized tree resin - thanks to Jurassic Park.  What I did not know was that only amber from the Baltic area of Europe contains special healing properties due to its high content of Succinic Acid.  The amber releases this acid when it is warmed by your body and it is absorbed through your skin.  The acid acts as a natural pain reliever, inflammation reducer and immune system booster!  It has been used in Europe for many years as a teething solution.
Getting ready for bed.
We have been using the necklace for about a month and I must say that I really do like it.  He barely pays attention to it while it is on him.  It is usually tucked under his shirt and he does not even notice it.  At night I wrap it around his ankle and it is hidden under his zippered pajamas.  He cannot work a zipper yet so I have no worries of him getting at it in the middle of the night and he is still getting the benefits of wearing it.  It is definitely helping because I notice a difference in his demeanor right away if he does not have it on.  He is very grouchy and jams his hands in his mouth.  With the necklace on he is a happy boy!
As for how my husband reacted to this necklace - he is on board with it as much as I am.  He has seen the benefits of the necklace and is a staunch defender of his son wearing a necklace.  We have gotten comments from well-meaning relatives about him choking on the necklace and my hubby has informed them of the safety precautions that the necklace has.  The clasp on the necklace is a plastic screw style closure that breaks if tension is applied to it.  Each of the amber beads are hand-tied so that if the necklace breaks - the beads stay strung on the cord.  Besides we all know the cool boys in high school wore necklaces.
So this is now on my list of things that mamas need to know about.  The necklaces are of high quality, they work for most people I know who use them and they look good.  Inspired by Finn also carries adult sizes as well as other styles for wrist, knee and back pain.  They have hazel wood jewelry as well.

Disclosure: I purchased my Inspired by Finn necklace at a discounted price for review.  I try to seek out only items that I feel my readers would enjoy and find useful.  All statements are my opinion.  If I do not like a product, I will not be recommending it to you.

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