Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Yogi Tea's Profound Though for the Day

I drink Yogi tea Nursing Mother Support pretty regularly.  It tastes good and I feel it helps with my supply. I have been drinking Yogi tea since I was pregnant and my OB told me I could no longer enjoy my regular tea or my favorite herbals because of the risks to my growing baby.  The tea has a little thought on the paper tab that are like little nuggets of good thoughts for your day or moment that you are enjoying the tea.
So what was my thought provoking tidbit for the day? "Happiness comes from overcoming the most impossible challenges."  What a perfect quote for a breastfeeding support tea.  Nursing is by no means an easy feat for most mothers and babies.
I myself have gone to the end of the world and back just to participate in this natural and loving gift for my son.  We had weight gain issues for the first two months of his life.  I struggled to stay awake and calm for the first week when he screamed non-stop during feedings.  I pumped exclusively and was a slave to that machine for two months of his life.  I started back at square one when at two months my supply dipped and I figured I'd better give this one last shot of natural nursing before I give up on the whole thing.  I did this all with painful bleeding nipples because I did not know that I didn't have a correct latch and on top of that really bad thrush.  But we as a team prevailed through and have developed a nursing relationship that I cherish every day when I get the privilege of watching him watch me while he eats the best stuff I can offer him.
So here I am again about to enter another trial by fire challenge for us with nursing as I reenter the workforce on Tuesday.  All week I've been at my wit's end because my little one has been waking during the night to feed and then again in the morning as Mama is trying to get out the door for preseason practice.  This has made pumping difficult to say the least.  I have a supply built up of at least 40 ounces so I have that to fall back on and If I can get 2-3 pumping sessions from the time he goes to bed to when I'm walking out the door and then the 3 possibly 4 pumps at work I should be fine.  Again I have to put things that are out of my control out of my head, if it's meant to be then it will be.
The other the thing that has me concerned is my hubby and his ability to handle his new responsibilities.  I got very upset last night over something as trivial as turning off the fan in Little Man's room when it was bedtime.  I was fuming because I had to stop nursing to get up turn the switch back on which blasted us with light and then pull the chain to turn off the light and keep the fan on.  I'm thinking, "doesn't he care about our baby?" "Haven't I explained up and down about the risk of SIDS and what we can do to prevent it?" "For two weeks now he has gotten up with the baby, didn't he see the fan is on and the humidifier?" "My husband sleeps with a fan, why wouldn't he have the baby sleep with a fan?"  Well of course my husband knows this stuff he just forgot.  Do I really need to freak out, probably not.  But it is just one more of those things I need to learn how to deal with so I can go to work and feel if not  confident, at the least at ease that they will be fine without me.  Which they will.  I'll make sure of it.

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