Friday, January 21, 2011

Freedom Friday: Why I'm Not Censoring Myself Anymore

I'm not hiding mine - neither should you.

So last night I was having a discussion with Dionna from NaturalParentsNetwork and Code Name:Mama about why I have the Adult Content warning attached to my blog and what message that may be sending my viewers. She had viewed my blog and wondered why it was on there. I told her it was something I had done automatically without thinking when I designed the blog but now that she mentioned it I was reconsidering that designation.

My upbringing has ingrained in me the need to censor my every word or action. Certain things are considered taboo. Breasts are one of them. Breasts are private for my family. Our religion was conservative and I was encouraged to dress moderately growing up. Even now if I wear a low cut or spaghetti strap shirts my first instinct is to cover up with a cardigan. Bra straps should not show and there is no way you should walk around without a bra, ever. But is this how I really feel?
I have no problem with my body. In college I did a lot of study of the human form in its natural state. I produced a number of artworks that were self portraits in the nude and tried endlessly to get my parents to allow me to hang at least one in my room at home - complete fail by the way.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding have actually given me more admiration for my body in all its unique and natural states. I love my wrinkly tummy because it reminds me of when we passed into the safe-zone during my pregnancy and my belly became spider-webbed with stretch marks leaping out from my belly-button. My breasts spend more time now with out a bra then they have since they arrived back in 1995.  In an earlier post I spoke about how I have no fear of nursing in public anymore.  They may not be the awesomely pert youthful breasts that they once were but they have a higher purpose that should earn them the right to be displayed on a pedestal once more!
As someone who wants to inform women about breastfeeding and that it is natural and should be considered normal in every day life - what kind of message am I sending? Breastfeeding and talking about breasts should not give my blog the adult content warning. There isn't anything in here I wouldn't share with Little Man. Well no more - this blog will no longer hide behind that warning. If you don't like it - move on!

Photo Credit: Mother of Author (Hi Mom!)


  1. Congrats! I totally support your resolve not to hide any longer. I had figured Blogger had flagged you after getting a complaint about a photo or something (it's happened to other bloggers I know) and was going to ask you about it. I think it's great that you're confident about your body and about breastfeeding!

  2. Thanks Lauren. It really is a process to move away from ingrained practices. Coming to the realization that yes certain things are private but somethings shouldn't be to help more people understand and feel better about themselves.


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