Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nursing in the grocery store? Not as bad as you would think

I started writing this and got distracted with the holiday preparations but I felt that I wanted to share my experience anyway.

I actually never thought I would nurse Little Man in the grocery store. It wasn't that I thought that there was anything wrong with it, I just never thought I'd be stuck there long enough to have the situation arise that would necessitate this balancing act. However, food shopping three days before Christmas will make people resort to every trick in the book to keep a baby happy.

While trying to navigate the aisles and the long shopping list my twelve guests have created, I ran out of other options. I was late to daycare and had already been in the store an hour when I came to the butcher. I had ordered our leg of lamb for tomorrow but hoped to pick it up early to save some time and sanity. Little Man was as patient as he could be under the circumstances but after five minutes of complaining, I had to do something since, it wasn't looking like I'd be helped any time soon. Out came the boob and Little Man happily nursed from his seat in the cart.
The lady ahead of me turned and saw what we were doing, to my surprise she approved. Her comment was this, "isn't that the best? I used to do that in church and it was so easy." I smiled and agreed and went on waiting and trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.  After she spoked to me all my worst fears we alleviated because no one had given me a dirty look or told me to leave the store.  He was happy and I was able to continue with what I needed to do.
I ended up walking around a few aisles like that and was able to finish my shopping, that took another hour to complete and I made it  out of the store and home with a not so miserable baby.  Now I'm not going to try to nurse every time I'm in the grocery store and I am still going to try to be as quick as possible but at least I know I am able to do it and it isn't the end of the world either.

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  1. I love that technique! When Little Man needs it, he needs it, hey? I'm so glad to hear you got a sweet comment about it, from a fellow nurser in public, no less. :)


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