Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Man's 1st Haircut

Well the first haircut was a little anticlimactic for Mama.  We went to a discount chain hair salon on Sunday.  I felt spending $15 on a baby's haircut at the mall was a little over-priced.  We went in, asked for a haircut and was ushered to a seat. She put a smock on me and one on him.  Once in the seat she asked how I wanted it cut.  I don't think I had ever put much thought into men's haircut option, I don't put much thought into my own hair either.  I told her to keep the top longer and to trim up the back and over the ears.  She asked if I wanted her to use the clippers and in my head I went "huh?" out loud I said, "sure" and she buzzed his hair.
She then asked me how old he was, I caught that question by sure luck.  Why do hairdressers, dentists and mechanics always ask questions over loud noises?  I told her 10 months and she continued buzzing and clipping.  I asked my sister in law to take some pictures so I could show my mom, who was disappointed I didn't wait for her and my hubby.

Photo credit: E. Riley

If you look closely you can see my bird's nest in the upper left corner
Photo credit: E. Riley

Look how serious
Photo credit: E. Riley
 In less then 3 minutes, she was brushing him off and asking me what I thought.  Looked okay to me.  I started grabbing some of the fallen locks to save for his time capsule, it was at that point she realized it was his first haircut, and started helping me.  They gave me an envelope for the hair and charged me $12.50 (saved $2.50) and off we went in under 10 minutes.
The cut looks good but I think that $2.50 I saved would have been worth it because they would have made a bigger deal at the mall and I would have gotten a certificate and a nicely preserved lock of hair.  Oh, and Little Man did awesome, no tears and minimal squirming.
Finished results, front

Finished results, back

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