Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eco-Friendly Diapering Part 1: Disposables

We didn't start using cloth diapers with Little Man until he was around four months old. We had issues with his diapers from day one, as soon as he made a little mess he was screaming to be changed. Without fail this would happen. It never occurred to me that maybe there was something in the diaper making him upset, I mean who actually gives diapers any more thought then does it contain the mess? Let me back track, I have a latex allergy. Did I think my son might have this allergy, bot at the time. Did that occur to his doctor, who is also my doctor, nope.

I had to figure it out when I switched his diapers because I thought maybe the chlorine in regular diapers are irritating him. The switch worked but I didn't make the connection until after the switch to the possibility of an allergy.  After switching the diapers - I started to realize how expensive these new "eco-friendly" diapers were. I have tried three brands and each had positive aspects and some drawbacks. For those of you not ready to jump into cloth but are looking for a smaller footprint and a gentler more natural diaper, I'll give you my impressions on each. 
The first diaper we tried was Seventh Generation diapers . These were the miracle diapers that stopped Little Man screaming every time he wet himself. The 7Gs are an all natural wood-pulp based, hypoallergenic diaper.  These are biodegradable since they are made with all natural materials.  They have relatively good absorbency, Little Man was able to wear it during a marathon 9 hour sleep and his sheets were still dry. They are not as soft as your big name brand disposables and I felt they run a little small. When you get close to needing the next size you get baby poop blow outs, especially us EBFers. If you are like me it may take a minute to catch on as to why that is happening to you.  They are also on the expensive side running you anywhere from $0.23 to $0.45 a diaper.
The next diaper we tried was Earth's Best which were deceptively on sale that week, to hook you into a repeat purchase.  These diapers were softer, they reminded me of the feel of the brand name newborn diapers.  They were also very close to the absorbency of regular disposables and were hypoallergenic.  These diapers however ran very large.], which left gaps at the legs or waist.  These diapers I felt would be great for the tale end of the size because they were very stretchy.  They were more expensive though when they weren't on sale, $0.26 to $0.52 each.
The final diapers I tried were Huggies Pure and Natural.  It took me so long to try them because the sample we got from my OB's office did not have what was or was not included in the diaper ie. latex free.  I finally found that information and purchased some to try.  They are soft feeling like the regular Huggies brand diapers, maybe even a little softer.  They absorb well.  They are stretchy but unlike the Earth's Best they don't start out on the large side for the size.  While they are on the more expensive side at $0.32-$0.52 each, Huggies does provide more coupon opportunities.  Huggies also has a rewards program that you can enter codes and earn points, be entered to win valuable prizes and receive offers and coupons.
Since our daycare could not wrap their heads around our cloth diapers and the state regulations on cloth compliance, we opted to use disposables.  When I buy our diapers, I get the Huggies.  If we are receiving diapers as hostess gifts (I love that) our families bring 7gs.  We stayed away from the Earth's Best because they were expensive and ill fitting.  The prices you see are from . That site has a promotion currently running, for new customers.  If you enter the code GET30BACK at check out, you will receive 30% cash back on your diapers.  It is also a great time saver because they deliver right to your door and offer free shipping on orders $49 or more.

Coming Soon::Eco-Friendly Diapering Part 2: My Guide to Cloth Diapers

Note: I am in no way receiving compensation for my opinion on any of these brands or companies.  These are strictly my opinions based my own experiences.

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