Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hero's Birthday Hat

For the Families Create! Make and Play Carnival, theme of Heroes and Heroines I made Little Man's birthday hat. He is only going to be a year on Friday, so he really hasn't decided on a hero for himself - so I picked him as our hero!
I don't have the best sewing skills myself so I'm pretty certain just about anyone can make one of these. As with my last craft you are only limited by the fabric select at the store and your imagination.

You will need a paper birthday hat for the template, stiff felt for the inside, your fabric selection for the outside, a needle, two straight pins, contrasting thread color, ribbon to decorate edge and some elastic to hold on the hat.
I chose the fabric based on Little Man's animal of choice and our birthday party theme: ALLIGATORS! He has two that he drags around the house.

After you select your fabric it is pretty straightforward.
1. Lay the dismantled paper party hat on the felt and trace with a market or fabric pencil. Cut out your shape.
2. Repeat with your fabric selection. Try to keep the part of the fabric you want to show inside the middle of your template and allow for overlap of seams. (This is particularly important with birthday hats and characters, do not cover the face!)
3. Lay the two pieces of fabric together and pin one side. Sew together using small stitches.
4. Repeat with other two sides.
5. Roll the fabric into a cone shape and pin in place.
6. Sew together. This takes a bit of talent not to stab yourself. Start at the top and work down.
7. Measure the elastic so it fits snuggly under your child's chin but not too tight. Sew to opposite sides.
8. Tack ribbon around entire hat about every inch with at least three small stitches.
Tada! You are done. Most likely this may earn you the designation of hero for making such a personalized hat for the birthday boy or girl.
I used a running stitch for the entire project. If you cannot find a fabric pattern that meets your needs you can always check the patches to see if there is one there and either sew or iron it on to coordinating fabric or cut up an old tee-shirt.
Hand Sewing Guide
February brought many heroic crafts to the Families, Create! Carnival. Check out some of the wonderful posts from last month's participants below, and be sure to visit Code Name: Mama and Living Peacefully with Children to find out how you can participate in the next Families, Create! Carnival.

Visit Code Name: Mama and Living Peacefully with Children to find out how you can participate in the next Families, Create! Carnival. Our March theme is "Animals" - what animals are your favorites and why? Get creative and share with us how animals are a part of your and your children's lives.


  1. What a cute, easy idea! And happy birthday to your little one =)

  2. How cute! We've been having some alligator love at our house recently, too.

  3. Super cute - and happy birth day to both of you :)

  4. I so love this idea! Our kids are such sweet 'lil heroes, aren't they?! I can;t sew to save my life (Scary how little I know about sewing actually.). But you certainly have my creative juices flowing! Thanks so much for this fabulous idea!

  5. What a cool idea! I bet I could handle this. I love that you made your son your hero! :)

  6. Thank you all for your kind feedback. I'm telling all of you ladies - my name may be "Artsy" but sewing skills are not at the top of my talents. Very easy to do.


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