Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Moment: Happy Birthday

All day we have travelled to this store or that and every where we went, people wanted to know you. I could never have imagined one year ago that this is how you would grow. You walk, hold hands in the shoe store, sit patiently in the hairdresser's, dance rhythmically to songs and eat whatever we put in front of you.
You continue to amaze those around you every day with the new and wonderful things you learn and discover. You are polite, friendly and confident. Though we now know you do not like big dog shaped balloons from the grocery store. You play with adult, child, animal or object each with the same enthusiasm and wonder that makes us all stop and rediscover the magic of our surroundings. You are my light in the darkness, helping me to see the possibilities I had long forgotten and love again.
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  1. Such a sweet keepsake photo. Your words are such a wonderful tribute!

  2. @Apryl Thank you so much. I really love this photo myself. We'll see what Little Man thinks though in 20 years ;)

  3. Oh, I love this! Isn't it the most amazing thing to see our babies grow?


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