Monday, February 21, 2011

This Moment: Monday

So today I want to talk about how you play.  I could be forever content while you are at play.  I could play with you or I could just sit and watch you play.  When you were an infant we had quiet play.  I would sit and stare at you and you would stare back.  I would make soft noises to get your attention or we would snuggle for hours.  As you grew so did our play.  It progressed to "Where's Little Man?" as I pulled your blanket up and blocked your view of me - only to pull it down and saw, "There he is" much to your delight.  Mama was able to get you to crack up just by turning her head towards you and we would laugh together for hours.
Or when we were practicing for our big airplane ride to see your grandparents - and I made believe that your stuffed airplane was taking off, flighting around and landing on your belly and made you smile and kick your legs out.  You learned to roll over tummy to back and back to tummy during our play time.  So exciting for Mama and so much fun for you.  Dada made you squeal with delight as he would quickly crawl across the floor towards you and then wait for your turn to crawl quickly towards him.  You soon found that you could include objects and new friends in your play.  You would toss your soft ball across the room and laugh hysterically as Ollie ran to get it.  You also thought it was fun to pull Ollie's tail or hold food out for him.  The pugs were so exciting as they wrestled and chased each other.  Panda had earlier tried to encourage you to chase her when you were learning to crawl.

Now as you walk and included running in your play there are new and exciting games we share.  The hours you spent walking things to new places.  Running after the cats, dogs and Mama and Dada.  I have also seen in the past week that we are moving towards including words and choices.  You have indicated which toys you would like to play with by pointing and squealing when Mama guesses right.  Your have become fast friends with Peter Rabbit and he has had quite a few adventures already with you as I'm sure he will continue to.  

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