Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Moment: Sunday

Today Little Man, I wanted to share our sleep. From the moment you were born I couldn't take my eyes off of you. After what felt like an eternity when they had you in the nursery to run their tests and clean you up - finally they brought you back. You were asleep in the hospital bassinet.
So quiet, so still. If I wasn't already completely in love with you, I was now. Everyone told me to sleep, when you sleep. How could I? That would mean I wouldn't be able to study your face and commit it all to memory. To be honest another reason I watched you so much when you were brand new was to make sure you were ok.

When you came home you slept in a bassinet next to my bed. I watched you again for hours instead of sleeping. I didn't mind, I knew you were still there. If you cried out I could instantly touch you and comfort you.
At one month we put you to sleep in your own room. I wasn't happy. I watched you on the video monitor - but it wasn't good enough. I couldn't just touch you to comfort you. I had to get up and run across the hall and help you find sleep - only to put you back in the crib and start all over again. I still didn't sleep but I wasn't happy anymore.

Around December I started bringing you to bed when you awoke. I was exhausted and my supply was suffering and We  were suffering to be honest.  This little bedsharing did wonders for my supply and for my overall attitude. Since then you have slowly increased the time you spend in Our  bed. You've even convinced your dada that co-sleeping is a good idea because he gets a few more hours if I leave you in bed with him in the morning.

Dada asks me about when you are going to stay in your own bed. You and I know this isn't forever - but We need this now.  When you are ready, you'll let us know that it is time to let you sleep alone.  Until then we get to share our sleep.

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