Friday, August 20, 2010

Accidentally Cloth

In my bio and the description of this blog I stated I am a mother that uses cloth diapers. I have been for around 3 months now. I didn't intend to be cloth either, I mean what new parent actually says yes I'm going to cloth diaper when their mother nor anyone else they know hasn't cloth diapered? I just fell into it and then I proceeded to fall in love with what it did for my son and for our wallet.
When Patrick was born he screamed every time he wet his diaper. I mean every time full pee or not. In my new parenting skills I thought, "wow, he's going to love potty-training!" Well this continued until he had reached size 2 and it was becoming difficult to find sensitive diapers which I had chosen to use because myself and Hubby have very sensitive skin so we thought it best to baby our baby. When I couldn't find a diaper in his size at the store that was sensitive and didn't have the dreaded "dry-max" on it I grabbed a package of 7th gen natural chlorine free diapers. Ran to the car and changed my boy on the back seat because he was screaming yet again. Now typically he would have been complaining yet again by the time we finished the 30 minute car ride home but he wasn't so I thought he hadn't gone. Well after he had been in the diaper for 2 hours my Mama gut said change the boy already. I did, he was soaked, he wasn't screaming. Okay I like these new diapers. What I didn't like was the price tag though $11 for around 30 diapers was going to he a lot of money. So next time Hubby got the diapers he found our old brand in sensitive and we put them on. 15 minutes later screaming so it's the diaper we need to switch it must he the chlorine because he didn't freak in the other non-chlorine.
Well this is my boy that I just went through 2 months of he'll for and we've got the breastfeeding down pat now so what are our alternatives? We can buy the bank-braking natural diapers or we can look into cloth. So look I did, I mean I've done crazy stuff for this little guy why not do cloth. Word on the online street is they aren't what they were when my mom said no way I'm not doing that. So I research find two options I like and buy a few. Well they work out so I buy my stash which was expensive to start but saves a whole chunk of change in the long run. (enough for two medical textbooks for my fingers crossed pre-med darling) As time goes by I figure this isn't so bad let's try cloth wipes. I do they aren't hard I feel even better about my investments. Well, real food poop comes along and makes cloth wipes less practical in those situations so we compromise and use disposables and paper liners to clean that.
So here is where my story for today comes to an interesting turn of events. I drink a lot of water which makes for many trips to the bathroom which are usually snuck in between entertaining and comforting. More so today as it was our 6 month shots and he was more active then usual and wanted Mama all he time. So I ran to the bathroom used the last of the roll, which was okay because in the 2+ years we've been married my husband never forgets to put another roll under the sink if we have to change it. Well since I've been using the hall bath instead of our bath he hasn't used that one and wouldn't you know I used the last roll and forgot to replace the back-up? I find this out when I race back in there to relieve my bladder yet again. Oh crap well at least not literally. Maybe tissues? Nope didn't replace those either. Air dry? Not happening today I can already hear him. Ah-ha, a wash cloth from bath time the night before is hang drying in the shower. Ok initial ick but do you know how far I'd have to walk with my pants down to get toilet paper? Not happening so I grab the washcloth, use it, shimmy up my pants one handed, toss the wash cloth in the diaper Paul and vow never to do that again. Because it's one thing to use cloth with Patrick or in a pinch but if I can avoid it I will. Only so far will I venture down the Green-living path and I'm drawing the line at adult cloth.

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