Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Time Leaving My Boy

So today I had to take a First Aid/CPR refresher course for my coaching certification. The class was being held an hour from my house and was going to last 4 hours. So that was at least 6 hours out of the house. I did not want to be that far for that long but despite my best efforts I could not find a closer class. So I figured this would serve as a good barometer as to how the school year was going to be for myself, little man, my husband and our sitter.

My ever so sweet and patient husband changed his shift at work so that we would not need daycare. He would work nights and I would teach. Turns out this new schedule leaves a gap between his departure and my arrival so we needed someone to step in. Tada babysitter! Well the babysitter I chose and was comfortable with did not get out of school as early as hoped and would also be unavailable for 3 months during the school year because of sports, which I am all for. Get the most out of your high school career, it only happens once. But I am digressing from the topic at hand.

My little guy has been teething and has his two bottom teeth already and the other ones just won't leave him alone so he was up three times more then his usual night's sleeping pattern. But I figured this is a blessing in disguise because I will get more nursing sessions in and he won't be as hungry and cranky for my husband and later the babysitter. His last nursing before I left I kissed my boy and told him I would see him when I got home that afternoon.

I had taken some of my precious supply out of the freezer so that I could be away for 6 hours and he would be well stocked and happy. I had explained to my husband at 1am when he returned for work how to mix his cereal and to combine it with the pureed pears to give him in the morning. (Who knew I needed to be more specific then I thought I had been? This is the man that never forgets to take the dryer bar out of the dryer before drying my cloth diapers.) I packed my trusty pump, a cooler, a 32oz water bottle and off I went. Soon to turn around at the door to run back to get breast pads, something I haven't needed in months because I feed on demand and fortunately do not leak but better to be safe then sorry.

I arrived early so I could discuss with the instructor my need to pump at some point during the day but the instructor was having her own hectic morning and arrived just in the nick of time and did not have a moment to speak to me. I listened, watched the demos, practiced the skills and stared at my phone all the while expecting it to ring with some emergency, which it never did.

The first session ended I caught the instructor explained my situation and asked for a place to pump. She said she would find me a place and asked why didn't I just bring my son with me? This sent a pang through my heart because I would have loved to have my little buddy with me, he is after all my constant companion at home. But I had to snap out of it this was after all a test for us because come September I am going to need to do this all the time. So into the nurse's office we went and I got a small room and sat to pump.

I was so excited because I got 3, count them 1, 2, 3 letdowns!!! I was not completely empty but I thought hey they are waiting for you to start this second half so get in there it's close enough. I packed up my stuff scurried back to the room thinking we'd already be in session but we weren't. Oh well at least I got 2oz one one side and 4 on the other. This is impressive I so thought I would get nothing. So now we sit for the second half and the instructor is able to shorten the class because there are only 3 of us. She signs my certificates and off I go.

I check my phone yet again and I see a text from my dear husband asking when am I leaving? Right now I reply and then call just incase there is something wrong. Everything is fine and he goes over their routine including the improvisation he used taking our two pugs out with the baby because I had the baby bjorn in the car and my husband just scratches his head when he looks at the mobi. So he rattles off we had cereal just the way you said to make it, one big bottle and then a little 3 oz one because he was hungry a short time after the first and then he passed out. Wait, where was the third bottle? The one he should have had when he got up? My husband said you didn't tell me last night he needed a bottle you just said cereal. Oh well. I then explained that a bottle should be first and then cereal and just know for next time. At this point no sense in freaking out over something like that now.

So I ask is the babysitter there to fill in while he drives to work and I arrive home? Yes, she has arrived and is set-up with all she needs. Okay good. So we say our goodbyes and see you tonights etc. etc.

So now I'm excited this worked! I can handle this and so can my husband and my son. The hour drive breezes by and I arrive home. My little guy must have smelled me because he was crying for me as I walked through the door. Oh how he made me feel so good to come home!? He did miss me!!! And all he wanted was to nurse with me so I breathed a sigh of relief and ushered the poor babysitter out of the door so I could pop out my boob and get back to our nursing. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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