Friday, August 20, 2010

The things that happen when we nurse.

So I'm pretty relaxed about our nursing sessions and have some usual and not so usual things that happen when we do our thing.  Typically he falls asleep or gets so distracted we have to redirect his attention back to the task at hand.  However, I have experienced many of his firsts from the vantage point of my nursing chair.  I actually have 15 snapshots and 6 videos of him asleep or hanging out on the Boppy after or mid feeding on my iPhone.  I see how this is a little weird now but at the time that was where I saw him the most because he ate, slept and played in my lap at mission control.  Here are a few that I really like.
That's the look he gives me when I interrupt him
Completely satisfied and passed out
The first time he sat up (my brother took this for me)
I have videos of the first time he smiled, laughed and a few of the stories he tells me during the day that I send to his Dad at work.  All of these are exciting things that happened as we were nursing because I took a moment to sit with my child and let his life unfold right before me.  However, there are some not so usual things that have happened as well.  For instance we have visitors.  Two of my cats and one dog have taken it upon themselves to visit during nursing.
That's Dory having a sniff. First time I had let her get that close to him.
That's Ollie the first day we brought him home.
He has on more then one occasion joined us for our bedtime nursing on my shoulder
While Little Man is not in this image that is the second cat that joined us the other evening, Daphne
She actually spent my entire two months of bed rest curled around my pregnant belly keeping Little Man inside
You can also see how much bigger Ollie has gotten and he isn't done yet.
I'm not sure what any of these animals get out of joining us but I know what my son does.  He has learned to be careful with the animals the way they are careful with him.  Dory, I actually thought I was going to have to give away before the baby arrived because we adopted her after her second family threw her out for pawing their 18 month old baby. She had never given me a single worry when it comes to her being around my child.  She is very careful and very protective of him since day one.  Ollie is Little Man's cat.  He began to pet him during one of Ollie's first visits during nursing and now they lay with each other on the floor and sit on the couch together.  You see Ollie is getting a bit big to be visiting.  Daphne who I adopted 12 years ago and had no use for any other human except myself and then Hubby actually seeks out Little Man.  She let's him pet her and doesn't run when he squeals with delight over whatever activity he is currently involved.  Panda and Ginny really don't have use for visiting during nursing.  Panda much prefers the floor and Ginny well she still isn't sure about any of us yet.
So these images crowd my phone, draining my battery but they are there so I can look or watch them while I pump away from my son to get those juices flowing.

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