Friday, April 1, 2011

Bravado and Medela

Was I the only one confused by this?  I know that answer already is no because I saw a post about it this morning on Facebook from Just West of Crunchy.  When I got home today I was greeted by an email from Medela, I was a Medela Mom Maven for 5 minutes and still apparently am on their email list.  I read the email before deleting it and I was struck by the quote included from Kathryn From, CEO of Bravado.
“We have long recognized that Medela’s core values and mission are completely in tune with those of Bravado’s, and this has been re-affirmed over the past 18 months as we have gotten to know the wonderful people at Medela. We share the same passion, enthusiasm and belief that every mother should have a wonderful breastfeeding experience however she chooses to define it. We are thrilled to join the Medela Family. For Bravado and our customers, business will be even better than usual!” says Kathryn.
I highlighted the text that is bothering me.  A nursing wear company is applauding and stating that a company that does not uphold WHO guidelines and is completely open and honest about the fact that they never will is completely in tune with those of Bravado's?  Come on people why oh why would you ever make that statement? When the core group of your repeat customers (read extended nursers) are fully aware of this larger company's shortcomings when it comes to supporting breastfeading.

Anyone know of a good company willing to stand by their own moral code and not sell out to a larger company who obviously could care less if what they are doing possibly contributes to the death of infants in developing countries?  Okay I can hear my hubby now, I sound like a militant leader of a breastfeeding army.  Well hello, people how many of us are there?  And who drives the market but consumers, so I'm asking maybe the public should send a message to Bravado that we are less then enthused with their choice in bedfellows!

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