Monday, April 18, 2011

Call for Submissions for Monday's Mamas

Monday’s Mamas on The ArtsyMama
The ArtsyMama was started as a personal blog for an attached parent returning to work after the birth of her first son.  Shannon the writer of The ArtsyMama had found an online community of natural and attached parents during her time home with her son but had not found one for working parents who practice AP.  She began her blog as a way to discuss her thoughts and feelings, her triumphs, successes and even her pitfalls that came up while she was venturing into this new didactic of AP Mama and Working Mama.

Monday's Mamas will be a chance for the working mother who identifies as natural or attached to share her story with the online community.  It can be a personal story or it can be an informational post about just how does an AP mama manage all those tasks we have to do while still caring for our children in the way we have chosen?  This is open any mama who maintains a dual lifestyle: working out of the home, returning to school or the work at home mamas (WAHMs).

Submission Details

This topic is open to all dual/attached parents.  If you practice only a little bit of attached parenting or work only part time that is not a problem either.  I am open to all mama's stories.

Submissions will need to be submitted the Friday before they are to be run.  If I have more then one submission I will post the earlier time stamp and save the later for the following Monday.  To submit an article for consideration, please use the Google Docs web form or email your article to Shannon (artsymama.riley {at} no later then 11:59pm EST on Friday.

Please write a new previously unpublished post for the Monday's Mamas.  If you have your own blog and would like to cross-post I will email you with instructions on posting before each Monday.  Please do not post your article before the posting date you are assigned.  If you do not have your own blog please use our google docs form to submit your article.

I reserve the right to accept articles based on the relevance to the topic and quality of writing.  I also reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity (i.e., spelling and grammatical mistakes), but I will never edit the substance or meaning of your article.  Articles requiring excessive editing will be returned and may be accepted at a later date.  Please allow me sufficient time to consider your submission before expecting a personal response.

What is not acceptable: Please do not use excessive profanity.  Do not write about topics that advocate practices contrary to the principles of natural parenting i.e., cry it out or baby training.

Keep in Touch

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